John Abraham's going to play daddy in real life

Things seem to be going great for John Abraham in his professional as well as personal life. He is doing quite a few film like No Smoking, Goal with girlfriend Bipasha Basu,a film with Abhishek and Ash etc.He has also come out with his own line of clothing, he is also excited to be going for the Oscars to promote his film Water and seems to be taking giant strides for the year 2007. His relationship with actress Bipasha Basu seems to be going strong and the two have been spotted together on several occassions. Now John has some more interesting plans for the year ahead, John hopes to adopt a little baby girl. John is very excited about the prospect of adopting a little girl child.

John says "I would love to have a sweet daughter. I will be taking her for rides on my bike by placing her in a baby carrier. It will be so wonderful to have her kissing my cheek while I will be zooming on." However John still does not feel the need to get married. But he claims that he may get married five years down the line and then will definitely have his own children too. Well John may be very keen to adopt a child but taking care of a child is surely no easy feat.And right now the actor seems to be extremely busy with his acting career. Nonetheless it is the intention which definitely counts and Bips must surely be very proud of John right now.

Sanjay Dutt may be best man at the Ash-Abhi wedding

Ever since one of the hottest couple's in bollywood, Ash-Abhi officially announced their engagement, there have been mixed reactions from the film industry. While some feel that the relationship will not last there are others who are extremely happy and excited for Ash-Abhi and thir families. One such person who is extremely happy for the couple is actor Sanjay Dutt who is very close to Abhishek Bachchan. Both Sanju and Abhi have mutual affection and respect for each other. In fact Sanjay even considers Abhi like a younger brother while Abhishek playfully refers to him as 'Sanju Sir'.Sanjay Dutt is also fond of Ash.

Recently after Sanjay Dutt heard of Ash and Abhi's engagement he was very excited and immediately congratulated the couple. Sanjay is very happy that Abhishek has planned on settling down in life. He firmly believes that Abhishek will get alot of good luck in this new phase after Ash has come into his life. Well we couldn't agree any more considering Abhishek's role in Guru was appreciated after Ash came into his life and we sure hope this good luck continues.No doubt Ab juniour is keeping good friend Sanju Sir in mind for the post of best man at his wedding.

Amitabh Bachchan's name may be nominated for future President

It is a well known fact that Amitabh Bachchan is known as an icon in bollywood circles for his diverse acting talent. Amitabh rose to super star status during the 80's and again made a comeback in 2000. The actor has received several national and international honours for his contribution to the film industry. But now it seems that Amitabh may just be in for one of the highest honours that he has ever received till date. According to sources Amitabh Bachchan's name is being proposed by good friend Amar Singh's Samajwadi party for the post of President of the country. Current President Dr.A P J Abdul Kalam's tenure in office will soon be coming to an end and hence new names are being considered for this honoured post.

Amitabh is no doubt a master in his profession and has contributed greatly to the film industry but his name being considered for the post of President is definitely a huge honour and responsibility. However no confirmations have come in that his name is being considered and Amitabh himself says "I'm deeply humbled and touched by the thought.But I'm not worthy of such a distinguished post of responsibility. Besides no such offer or proposal has come my way yet." Earlier Amitabh had a short stint in politics but soon bid goodbye to it and he has also often stated that politics is not his cup of tea. Both the film fraternity as well as political parties are divded on the issue of proposing Amitabh's name for Presidency.

Salman Khan magnanmously donates a huge amount for cancer patient

Salman Khan may be known as the bad boy of bollywood but he is also known to have a heart of gold.In fact the generous actor has often been taken advantage of for his kindness.Nonetheless Salman continues to donate his time and money for several good causes. Recently Salman donated a huge amount of money for the treatment of a boy who is suffereing from cancer. The little boy is just seven years old and Salman also managed to spend some quality time with the young lad by attending his annual day celebrations at the Children Welfare Center High School.

However Salman was also very keen that the media not hear of his donation towards the treatment of the young cancer patient.Salman also immediately left the venue after interacting with the young boy when he heard that the media was arriving.Salman is also known for gifting his friends and co-stars with lavish and expensive gifts like high end rolex watches etc.Salman was seen in two big films last year, although both were not very successful at the box-office.Nonetheless Salman already has a number of big films lined up for this year.

Aditya Panscholi gets physically violent towards girlfriend Kangana Ranaut

Actor Aditya Panscholi and actress Kangana Ranaut have been seeing each other for quite some time now,in fact Aditya is like a mentor who took small town girl Kangana under his wing and introduced her to the world of bollywood.Aditya is married to actress Zarina Wahab and even has two grown up children. Nonetheless the two are said to be having an affair but recently their relationship turned sour when Aditya got physically violent with the actress.The couple had gone out with a group of friends but things turned ugly when they had an argument and Kangana stormed off into a rickshaw.But Aditya followed her and stopped the rickshaw, he then went on to drag her out and began slapping her. To Kangana's good luck passers by intervened and she managed to escape.At first both the parties denied the incident but later on Kangana decided to come clean with the incident. Kangana claimed that Aditya often got agressive with those close to him but she claimed that she could no longer deal with his behaviour.However Kangana convienantly changed the nature of her relationship and claimed that she considered Aditya like a father away from home and that his daughter was like her sister.

But Aditya confirmed that he and Kangana were seeing each other for the last three years but their relationship was not sexual. However he was upset and hurt with Kangana's accusations that he was trying to hurt her. He claimed that he could not talk ill about Kangana as he considered her a part of his family and was also very close to her family. But sources close to the couple claim that Kangana was merely using Aditya for his filmi connections and now that she had achieved success she wanted to get rid of him. The two have now parted ways and Kangana is busy with her films.