John Abraham refused to work with newcomer Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut made her entry into films through the Bhatt camp in the film Gangster. Her histrionics on-screen were immediately recognized and she received good reviews for her performance from the media and the industry. In fact the Bhatts were so impressed with her work that she was immediately signed on for their next film ‘Woh Lamhe’ directed by Mohit Suri. Kangana was appreciated in this film too and enacted a role that was said to be inspired from the real life character of the late actress Parveen Bhabi. However it seems that model turned actor John Abraham had refused to work with newcomer Kangana in two films.
According to sources John Abraham model turned actor had earlier refused to work with newcomer Kangana Ranaut. John himself who was a model had a tough time to break into the film industry and later on when he had carved a niche for himself, the actor was supposedly apprehensive to work with Kangana. But John has also worked alongside other new actresses, like Udita Goswami in his film Paap. Or perhaps John was well aware of Kangana’s capabilities and was afraid of being overshadowed by the actress. John refused to work opposite Kangana in Imtiaz Ali’s Rock Star and Anurag Kashyap’s No Smoking. In bollywood often the hero and his preferences are always taken into consideration first hence even though Anurag Kashyap was keen to work with Kangana, John’s decision forced him to opt for actress Ayesha Takia instead.

However the forthright and sprightly Kangana Ranaut says “I’ve no idea whether John wants to work with me or not. I’m too busy working with those who want to work with me than to worry about those who don’t. It’s true that Anurag who’s a dear friend was keen to have me in his film. I’ve no idea what happened but I’m sure we’ll work together in the future.” However Kangana too has had her share of disagreements with her co-star Shiney Ahuja who was seen opposite her in both films. Though Shiney and Kangana share amazing on-screen chemistry, off-screen the two actors barely acknowledge each other.