John Abraham promotes himself as a brand with his calendar

John Abraham is not leaving any stone unturned to market himself as a brand. John has decided to promote himself and plans to distribute a calendar containing pictures of himself. John himself has come up with this public relations strategy and plans to distribute the calendar to a select few in the industry, but will not sell the product. John says “I will send it to people whom I know and would like to reach out to at the beginning of the year. It’s a non-profit venture.”
The calendar has been shot by ace photographer Subi Samuel and will be distributed by John at the beginning of 2007. John has also previously endorsed his own brand of clothing and has also been seen as a brand ambassador for several commercial commodities. John further adds “I’ve been forging my own style of self-projection. The calendar is an idea that to my knowledge hasn’t been attempted by any other actor. It will contain images only of me.” John does not consider this act of his narcissistic but views it as a humble endeavor.

Amitabh Bachchan is firm about not getting into politics

Amitabh Bachchan is known to hobnob with many high society people and is also close friends with many politicians. In fact Amitabh is often spotted in the company of good family friend Amar Singh, general secretary of the Samajwadi party at several functions. Recently Amar Singh even hinted that Big B may join politics. However Amitabh strongly refutes any rumours that he will join politics. Amitabh says “I’m not into politics at all of any kind. There’s absolutely no question of my going into politics. I don’t understand politics nor do I have any wish to get into it in any capacity.”

Amitabh is well aware that speculations of him joining politics keep arising as he is friends with many politicians; however he claims that he does not follow any of their political ideologies. Amitabh Bachchan is currently awaiting the release of his next film ‘Baabul’ where he will share screen space with actors like Hema Malini, Rani Mukherjee, Salman Khan and John Abraham. Amitabh has done a promotional video for the film and has also sung in the film.

Saif’s girlfriend Rosa is now set to make her debut on the small screen

Actor Saif Ali Khan has been seeing Italian model Rosa for quite a while now and has even talked about marriage with her in the future. Unfortunately the couple’s relationship has been dogged by several controversies such as a split and a lover’s tiff in recent times. However a new innings seems to be on the horizon for Rosa who will soon be making her debut on the small screen. Rosa is all set to host a weekly style-based show which sheds light on Indian fashion.

The show is being produced by designer Shane Peacock and he confirms that Rosa will be hosting the show soon. He says “We felt she suited the show perfectly and so we signed her on.” The details of the show still have to be worked out. Rosa has attended many fashion events in the country and has stocked up on a lot of information during her stay here. Rosa was also seen in an ad with beau Saif a while back. Well lets hope that this pretty belle is able to carve a niche for herself soon in the glamour industry.

Magazine claims Ash-Abhi have already tied the knot

A popular magazine has recently claimed that actor Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai have already got married at Meenakshi temple in Madurai some time back. The magazine claimed that both the actors exchanged garlands at the temple and are secretly already married. However according to other sources the marriage will take place early next year. Although Ash and Abhishek have always denied the rumours that they share an off-screen romance, speculations are running wild and predictions are being made continuously. However it is quite likely that the magazine is trying to boost up their sales by spreading this kind of hot juicy gossip.

When asked about these rumours, Abhishek recently casually remarked “What makes you think it is impending?” referring to his impending marriage with Ash. However it was quite clear the actor was being sarcastic and casual about the whole issue.

Salman feels John makes politically correct statements

Salman is eager for his next film Baabul to release; he claims that it is a film that deals very well with an emotional subject in an extremely sensitive manner. However recently during an event went the stars of Baabul walked the ramp Salman and John were seen giving each other the cold shoulder. Nonetheless both Salman and John continue to maintain that they have no problems with each other.

Recently John claimed that Salman was his fitness icon, however Salman in his typical tongue in cheek manner replied that John always makes politically correct statements. Salman also mentioned that John was much fitter earlier and has recently lost a lot of weight. However recently at an event when Salman was quizzed whether he was not on talking terms with John, Salman said “You can only stop talking to someone, when you are on talking terms with the person, when did we ever speak?”

Salman has also recently launched a new mobile game called Puppy Razzi (paparazzi) which involves an interesting game where the gamer scores points if he manages to click pictures of Salman, however the downside is that if he is caught by Salman he can be knocked out and disqualified. The game is interesting as it has connotations of Salman’s constant tiff with the press; there are also Salman games that involve hunting and car racing. However Salman has taken all this in the right spirit to promote entertainment to kids.