John Abraham performs a risky stunt

Bollywood hunk John Abraham has performed a risky stunt to unveil his film, ‘Jhootha Hi Sahi’. He climbed a 30 feet billboard, removed the cover of the hoarding and then jumped from the height. His dare devil stunt has shocked the onlookers. The hoarding carries the tagline, ‘John Abraham is a liar’.

The stunt involves risk and initially the producer of the film debarred him from performing the dangerous stunt. But John is adamant to undertake the risk. He has not only performed it successfully but also impressed the audience. “The unveiling of the film was a thrilling experience, different from the usual unveilings I've done in the past”, John quips.

Apart from his dare act, another factor that caught many eyes was his unique looks. John was poorly shaved.  He added, “My look in the film is very different and not something anyone has seen me in before. Jhootha Hi Sahi is an amazing film and I'm very excited about it. Abbas Tyrewala has done an awesome job.”

‘Jhootha Hi Sahi’ was initially titled ‘1-800-Love’, later the director changed the title. The film stars director’s wife Pakhi opposite John. Pakhi has written the script. The film is slated for October 15 release.