John Abraham may star in Anurag Kashyap’s Bombay Velvet

John Abraham’s film ‘No Smoking’ with Anurag Kashyap may have crashed at the box-office, however this has not deterred the two from working together again. Anurag too admits that he and John will be working together again and they have already narrowed down on a script for the film. It has been reported that John will be working on a film titled ‘Bombay Velvet’ with Anurag Kashyap. Anurag has praised John’s performance and he has recommended him to several French filmmakers.
In fact recently Anurag hosted a small get together for a few imminent French filmmakers after the IFFI event. French filmmakers like Dennis Dercourt, Florent Sersi and Jan Kounen were recent guests of Anurag Kashyap. The French filmmakers had some idea of John due to the screening of his films at the Rome Film Festival. While Anurag and his friends mingled with the French filmmakers, naturally the topic steered to films. Sources claim that Anurag had only praises for John Abraham, he praised his performance in ‘No Smoking’ as well as his acting ability in general. Anurag recommended him to all the French filmmakers at the gathering.

Anurag was also quite vocal in his praise for John, he said “John is certainly praiseworthy. I think he is one of the few gutsy actors in the industry and I completely love him.” It is has been reported that despite John and Kashyap’s last venture ‘No Smoking’ being a dud at the box-office, they have decided to do another film together. Anurag confirms that he and John will be working on another film together but he refuses to divulge more. It has been reported that John will be working in Anurag’s next film ‘Bombay Velvet’ which is a thriller. Anurag said “Yes, John and I will definitely work together again. We have already zeroed down on the details of the film, which will be produced by Studio 18.” Many from bollywood also hobnobbed with Kashyap and his French guests. However John seemed to be missing from Kashyap’s little party. John’s latest film Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal has received average reviews.