John Abraham may replace Sanjay Dutt in Aladdin film

Sanjay Dutt has recently been sentenced and imprisoned for six years under the Arms and Ammunition Act by the Tada Court. However Sanju is out on interim bail right now. The actor has already spent around 20 days in prison. Sanju’s lawyers will no doubt file a fresh bail appeal in the Supreme Court. Sanju has a huge stake in the film industry as many of his films are yet to be complete. While most of directors are hell bent on waiting for Sanju to complete their films, it is not yet known whether Sanju may actually be able to do any films.
Most filmmakers however are hoping that Sanju will be granted bail and that when he comes out of jail they can proceed with the completion of their films. Many like Sanjay Gupta are friends first and later directors, hence they have decided to wait for Sanju to sort out his legal problems. However not all filmmakers may be able to wait for Sanju to sort out his legal problems as many have a tight schedule and budget to accommodate. Sujoy Ghosh’s film Aladin is one such film where the makers may consider replacing Sanjay Dutt with John Abraham. The makers of the film will not be able to postpone the film much longer, due to date co-ordination of the rest of the cast and crew. Also international technicians have already allotted their dates to work on the film and they cannot delay or postpone them.

The makers have spoken to John Abraham about replacing Sanju baba. However they are still hopeful of being able to shoot with Sanju if he sorts out his legal hassles soon. Amitabh Bachchan is also a part of the film and he too has already given his dates for the film. Sanju also has many other films which have been put on hold like Alibaug, Kidnap, etc. Director Sujoy says “It’s too early to talk about who will be replacing Sanjay Dutt for the role. We will have to work around Sanjay Dutt’s dates. Let him sort out his problems first.” Currently though Sanju is out on interim bail, he will have to surrender on September 27 and hence he is busy spending time with his family and also visiting temples and holy shrines around the country. He recently prayed at Shirdi Sai baba temple and was also seen visiting Shani temple in Maharashtra. Sanju was also headed for Vaishnodevi temple in Jammu along with partner Maanyata.