John Abraham injured in an accident

John Abraham had a bike accident on Saturday, April 8th, as he was riding his Yamaha 1100 cc motorbike. The actor banged into two cyclists who were riding in the opposite direction. He hit his head on the pavement and his right leg was pinned under the heavy weight of the bike. The actor was riding his bike in the Khar Danda vicinity when the mishap took place.
John, along with the two boys who suffered minor injuries, was taken to Bhabha Hospital, Bandra. Dr Satyan Mehta, who treated John with first aid at the casualty ward of Bhabha Hospital, said, “John had a wound on his right leg and we gave him first aid. He will have to undergo certain tests.” The doctor also stated that John’s mother arrived first, followed by girlfriend Bipasha Basu who looked very tense and anxious. Later yesterday, John Abraham was shifted to Lilavati Hospital. A source at Lilavati Hospital informed that John’s condition was stable at present. The source also revealed that the actor had received some stitches on his right leg and also had a ligament pull. The hospital will also be conducting some tests as well as an MRI as he had also hit his head.

An eyewitness who was present at the accident spot said, “I spotted John zooming down the road and soon I heard a sudden bang and saw him falling off his bike. Even though there were a number of people around him, in the few minutes it took me to walk towards John, not a single person helped him out. I guess they were too stunned to react.” The boys, who were injured by John’s bike, were hurt in the thigh and the other had a knee injury.

As with all and any accident involving celebrities, this one two has varying versions of the accident itself and the aftermath. But according to one of the injured boys, the headlight of John’s bike was not functioning and hence they did not see the bike, which caused the accident. According to some versions, John was riding his motorcycle at a high speed and in an inebriated state. It is also claimed that Abraham’s secretary, Bhaskar Shetty wanted to hush up the entire incidence of the accident. Bhaskar first tried to deny the accident, after that didn’t work he tried to dissuade media persons from reporting the incident and as a final effort warned the doctor-in-charge not give out any statements. Finally, the actor’s secretary made a statement saying, “John was hurt but he called his friends and with the help of locals handled the situation. He asked me to take care of the two cyclists who rammed into his bike.”

Several other rumours have been doing the rounds such as John and his friends attempting to hush up the accident and so forth. Also, the media seem to be having a field day and have turned the unfortunate accident into a circus. The media is literally stalking eyewitnesses for information and quotes to give the title of ‘bad boy award’ to John.

The police have registered an offense of rash and negligent riding and have seized John’s bike. John Abraham is likely to be arrested and produced before the court as soon as he is well enough. It is indeed a sad and misfortunate event to have occurred at such a time in John’s career, but we are sure that the brave bollywood hunk will get over this phase soon enough, as, fortunately, none of the parties were seriously injured.