Jism 2: While this movie beat the last one?

Jism 2, as most people know, is a sequel to Jism. It is being directed by Pooja Bhatt. This movie, like the previous one, is going to be an erotic thriller, but unlike Jism, Jism 2 is already chock full of scandals! When Bhatt chose the “porn star” Sunny Leone as one of the lead characters in the movie, a lot of people in the industry were scandalized. However, by now, most of the hullabulloo over the selection of actress has settled down.

· Who is acting in the movie?

Jism 2 will star Sunny Leone as Izna, a porn star. Arunoday Singh plays the character of an intelligence officer, Ayaan. The sizzling Randeep Hooda stars as Kabir

· What is the story?

Not much is known about the story as of yet, because Pooja Bhatt has been surprisingly silent about the actual substance of the movie. The basic story is that Izna is a porn star who is hired by Ayaan, an intelligence officer. The two of them set up a “honey- trap” in order to catch a feared assassin, Kabir. There is a love track in the movie as well- not just an erotic one. This is known because of the opening line of the theatrical trailer of Jism 2- “"Pyar, ishq, mohabbat, duniya ka aakhri aur sabse khatarnak nasha hai!”or “Love is the world’s last and most dangerous drug.”

· What is the nature of the film?

Ever since people learned that Sunny Leone is going to be in the movie, they have been expecting a movie that is semi- porn or a really bold movie. The director has not denied any of these- in fact, she accepts that the movie is targeted towards an adult audience, but she also claims that the movie is also about the story and the characters themselves, not just the erotic or bold relationships between the characters. She says that the movie is erotic, but it is not a semi- porn movie.

It is quite obvious that the audience should be prepared to feel the scorching heat when they are watching the movie. Almost all the stills released of the movie have Sunny Leone in bikinis or flashing a bare back. This is obviously going to be no family movie. Randeep Hooda and Sunny Leone share a lot of sensuous and intimate scenes in the movie as well.

The movie has received an “A” rating and Pooja Bhatt says that she expected nothing less than an A rating.

· How is the acting in the movie

Sure, Sunny Leone is well known for some reasons, but till now, acting has not been one of them. There are a lot of expectations riding on Sunny’s back to make this movie a success. Since she wants to pursue a career in Bollywood, it is important that she gives a good performance. From what one can gleam from the trailer of the movie, while nobody can play the role of a seductress better than Sunny, she does lack a little bit of acting skills.

Randeep Hooda is known to be a good actor and his chemistry with Sunny is laudable in the movie. According to Bhatt, even though the two of them are amazing actors, they were shy when it came down to doing all those sensuous scenes together.

· What is the audience reaction so far?

The movie, as the director Pooja Bhatt herself claims, is directed towards the masses. The masses seem to be very pleased with the trailer of the movie, which met all their expectations. The songs from the movie have also met with a lot of positive feedback, from critics and from the masses. The movie releases on August 3, 2012- surely a lot of people are just waiting for this day to arrive so that they can finally watch the movie they have been waiting for.