Jism 2 rakes in 21 crore over the weekend

Despite the severe criticism, ‘Jism 2’ is doing wonders at the Box Office .Pooja Bhatt, who directed the movie, tweeted, "'Jism 2 has done a business of Rs 21 crore in India over the weekend (despite releasing during Ramzan). Brand 'JISM', my dears, is here to STAY,"

Described as Bollywood’s first erotica, the movie was thoroughly booed down by critics. It was said that each filmmaker says that they are doing to deliver something new. Actually what they do is make their film a product rather than being a piece of art. And then package and market it in such a way that it ensures profit. The mullah is raked in by the first weekend, before the public get to know that they have been cheated.

Maybe that is the reason why, Pooja blasted the critics by saying, "BRAND 'Jism' is not merely a film. It is a cultural war. It is an EVENT. One that divides crowds passionately and turns its actors into STARS. I made 'Jism 2' for 12 crores including PandA and it got a 21 crore PLUS weekend! Vested interests in the industry can chew or choke on that.”

With ‘Jism 2’ porn star Sunny Leone has made her foray into Bollywood. Though she had a fixed panicky expression all the time during the movie, her seductive acts made up for them. Also another attraction in the movie was Randeep Hooda. Pooja has used his body to perfection to owe the female audiences. Randeep’s Screen presence is terrific. He blends perfectly in the role of an assassin and poet. Some of his lines in the movie describe his melancholy nature like, “Mausam guzar jaate hain, yaad nahin guzarti”.

The other movie that was released with ‘Jism 2’ was animated movie ‘Krishna Aur Kans’. Prachi Saathi, who is the voice-of-artiste for the ‘Krishna Aur Kans’ , was excited about her movie. When asked if she was worried about her movie not doing so well because it is being released along with ‘Jism 2’, she also took a dig at ‘Jism 2’ and said, “I am not much bothered about the clash. While ‘Jism 2’ is an out-and-out adult film, there is a huge possibility that family audiences would come in with their kids and elders to see how ‘Krishna Aur Kans’ unfolds in 3D.”

‘Jism 2’ collections have however dropped after Saturday. It may also get some competition next week from Anurag Kashyap’s ‘Gang of Wassypur, part two’.