Jism 2 draws flaks from moral police

Jism2 has come under fire from overzealous activists. Local activists and student organizations went on the rampage in Assam. They torched local cinema halls and forced audiences to come out. The spokesman of the organization Mousam Sharma said that, though the movie had received an ‘A’ certificate, students and college goers were allowed inside the cinema halls.

The police however took prompt action and said such incidents will not be repeated. The movie released on Friday, 3rd August. It was evident that, it would be under public scrutiny for its intimate love making scenes. The producers had roped in Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone for the movie. She was seen shedding her clothes in many of steamy lick-locking scenes in the trailer. Sunny once famously said about her career, “Mulk ki madat to mein pehle se hi kar rahi hoon. Kapde utaar ke (I’ve been working for the benefit of the nation from before. By shedding my clothes.)”, Pooja Bhatt, director of the movie has termed it as an erotic movie.

There has been a mixed reaction to the movie. The public went to the theaters with the expectation of hot exciting stuff , the critic’s have thoroughly booed down it down as boring, without any story . Pooja had once tweeted that the movie had a story too. She was quoted as saying, "Yaar isme toh STORY bhi hain! Lottery lag gayi!"

The movie has several hilarious moments though Sunny held the same expression in all the scenes, whether contemplating the past or during any love making scene. Her dialogues are said with a straight face as if reading from a newspaper. Though it would be too much to expect from her, as she once said that, movies are a lot different than her industry where you forget everything after hitting the record button. The movie is also in convincing in its story. As a top intelligence officer, Arunoday Singh is not supposed to cry on screen. He exactly does that.

The dialogues in the movie are also out of place. For example,

“Hum dono ek doosre se jhooth bol sakte hain par iss jism ka kya karen?'

“Jo aadmi apne mulk se wafadari nahi kar saka, usne iske jism se wafadari kardi.”

“Apne dil ki shikayat khoon se kardi, bas ek shikayat hai ki kaash mere khoon ka rang mere ishq ki tarah gehra hota.”

We hope Pooja works with her dialogue writer next time for something better.