Jism 2 collects 40 crores by fifth day

Jism 2 has opened to mixed reactions from the public. Though it has failed to score at the multiplexes, it has done well in the semi-urban areas. As of 8thaugust, 2012 .Pooja Bhatt, director of the movie had tweeted, “I made #Jism2 for 12 crores including P&A & it got a 21 crore PLUS weekend! Vested interests in the industry can chew or choke on that!”

Its collections were as follows: 1st day net collection – 8.25 crores, 2nd day net collection – 8.00 crores, 3rd day collections -8.15 crores, 4th day collections -8.00 crores and 5th day collections -7.63 crores. Total collection of the movie in India is about 40.03 crores. Considering the fact that the movie was made on a modest budget of 12 crores , the earnings have been substantial , but not up to the expectations.

If we look into the aspects which proved detrimental for its poor show, there are many. ‘Jism 2’ was hyped due to porn Star Sunny Leone acting in it. It was termed as coming-of-age skin show. The moment she was signed in for the film by the Bhatt’s, while she was a house mate in Big Boss 5, her photos and videos went viral on the net. But her expressions in the movie were very plastic .Whether in the love-making scenes or a conversation with a co-star, all she did was heavy deep breathing, with a fixed panicky expression.

The plot itself was in disarray. Intelligence office Ayaan (Arunoday Singh) gets seduced by Izna(Sunny Leone ), and the next morning when he wakes up , he has a plan for Madame Izna. She is given ten crores by him and his senior officer to honey-trap Kabir (Randeep Hooda), who has become a political assassin from an honest cop. Ayaan also tells Izna, “Isi bahane tum mulk ki madad bhi kar logi," There are many other similar corny dialogues in the movie. “Jo kaam ek mehbooba nahi kar sakti, woh ek biwi hi kar sakti hai.”; “Jo aadmi apne mulk se wafadari nahi kar saka, usne iske jism se wafadari kardi."; “Hum dono ek doosre se jhooth bol sakte hain par iss jism ka kya karen?” and “Tumhe sab kuch karna hai. Sab kuch”.

You cannot beat these. Can you?

The screenplay of the movie is too sluggish and it tends to drag. Other than the music by Arko Pravo and the beautiful picturization of the songs, the movie seems to be a dismal failure.