Jiah Khan case: Sooraj Pancholi reacts on British expert’s report

British forensic expert Jason Payne-James, hired by Jiah Khan’s mother Rabia, has concluded that the actress’ hanging was “staged”, dismissing CBI’s theory that Jiah committed suicide. Actor Sooraj Pancholi, who is accused of abetting her suicide, has reacted on the new development in the case.

Sooraj, former boyfriend of the ‘Nishabd’ actress, said that all he wants is a speedy and fair trial.

“No accused asks for his trial to begin, but I’m asking to open the trial soon. Whatever the accusation, I deserve a fair trial, so that I can move on in life. These things are planned to target my progress and stop my daily life. I want this pain to end for both sides. I don’t have any hard feelings for anyone. I just want a fair trial and live my life after that,” the ‘Hero’ actor told Bombay Times.

He further said, “My case has been a media trial since day one. Things have been in the papers before reaching the court, and sometimes in the papers without the court being aware. But enough is enough, if someone wants justice, they will get it in due time. I hope they get justice, even I want to know what the truth is. People should understand that even I have lost a dear one.”

The actor also sympathised with Jiah’s family and said that he “understand what they are going through, but this is not the way to conduct a court case, by leading the court and the people of the country to think differently."

“We haven’t gone against what they are saying, but we have been patiently waiting for over three years for the trial to begin. Like everyone else, I too deserve a fair trial. I don’t know why, in my case, things are told to the media before the court. Why not wait for the court to decide the final verdict? They are trying to brainwash people and portray me as a criminal, which is not true,” Sooraj added.

Earlier, his father Aditya Pancholi too was quoted as saying, “This report is from a private forensic lab and it's paid. We will see if a court admits it or not. The investigations have been done by different agencies and all of them have come to the same conclusion [that it was a suicide].”

Jiah, an American citizen of Indian origin, was found hanging in her Juhu apartment on June 3, 2013. A three-page note was recovered by police in which the actress alleged that Sooraj cheated on her, physically abused her and forced her to have an abortion.