Jennifer Lopez miffed with Shahrukh Khan

Pop singer Jennifer Lopez is highly dissatisfied with the leaked IPL story. She is agitated as private and official words exchanged between her and Shahrukh Khan’s production house Red Chillies was leaked in the media. The US and UK media highly covered Jennifer Lopez turning down SRK’s offer to perform at the IPL opening ceremony.

On condition of anonymity, an official blamed IPL for leaking the report, "They were handling the quotes (money and budgets) so the leak had come from them. You will see some of the foreign tabloids point to an IPL official for the leak. The event management team at Red Chillies wouldn't dare do that," said the official.

But aren't the IPL and the event management teams closely associated to that of KKR? "I can assure you that the leak hasn't come from us. The only other people who knew about the deal were the IPL guys. You should ask them," the official added.

A source informed, "JLo is breathing fire. Her team has shot off a mail saying the details of the deal were known only to a select few officials in both teams. As it is unlikely that JLo's team would plant a story against her, the needle of suspicion is pointing towards camp Shah Rukh. JLo's team is very upset that her image has been tarnished." Medina hasn't threatened Red Chillies with a lawsuit but this could have far reaching effects for any other international star performing for SRK, according to the source.

When contacted, a source from Red Chillies admitted JLo and her team are upset with what has happened. "It is true Jennifer cancelled the gig at the last moment because she didn't like the deal. That she asked for a private chartered plane is however not true. Yes, she had asked for exclusive arrangements to be made for her nearly 44 dancers and accompanying staff, which included her entourage of around 20 people. She had asked for a personal chef, stylist, butler, security etc but these are demands that even Bollywood stars make when they perform abroad. Jennifer is extremely upset with the way things have panned out. There is an exchange of mails going on as we speak," the source said.

Due to expensive demand of Jennifer, she was ousted from performing at the IPL. According to earlier report, the pop queen has made an whopping demands of private plane for her and her troupe. She wants a separate hotel rooms for her team.