Jaya Bachchan terms attack on Bhansali threat to creativity

The recent attack on filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali in Jaipur, Rajasthan, has reached the Parliament. Veteran actress-turned politician Jaya Bachchan on Tuesday raised the issue the Rajya Sabha, saying that the incident has threatened creativity.

"Creativity should not be subjected to such treatment. There is growing intolerance in the country with a select few assuming that they represent the masses under certain political patronage. They have started taking law and order into their own hands,” the Samajwadi Party member said during the Zero Hour.

She added that the film fraternity, which strives to bring fictional stories to people through creativity for the sole purpose of entertainment with some moral and social message, has been the "soft target for these anti-social elements.”

"Sometime they are threatened, sometime films are not allowed be screened, sets are vandalised and sometimes it takes a violent turn as it happened in Jaipur recently. Sets of ‘Padmavati’, where Rajput Karni Sena not only physically assaulted the director, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, but also damaged the expensive film equipment," Jaya Bachchan said.

She also revealed that the renowned director had also staged the "same subject of Padmavati" as an opera in a Paris theatre in 2008. She further said that neither the state government, nor the Centre has condemned the incident or took action against the culprits.

“The film fraternity has long been fighting this menace with little or no support from the government. What message are we sending to the film fraternity which is one of the most important and vibrant ambassador of the country,” she said and demanded strong action against those involved in the incident.

The film industry creates large number of employment opportunities and such disruptions affects the earnings of the sector, Jaya added.