Jade raises doubts over Shilpa's win

Cancer-stricken British reality TV star Jade Goody raises doubts about Shilpa’s victory in her autobiography Jade: Catch A Falling Star. She mentioned in the book that the win was planned. Jade who has slurred Shilpa on the show had the impression that the producer of the show had some coordination with Shilpa.  

"I got the impression that the producers jumped through hoops for Shilpa Shetty. This was magnified in my mind because in the house she informed us of certain things (obviously none of this was screened, though)”, Jade wrote. "Shilpa specifically told us all she had insisted on certain clauses in her contract. One was that if she went into the diary room and asked for something (within reason) she would get it,'" the autobiography further read.

Jade in her book further acknowledged that she had passed some dirty comments to Shilpa. "Yes, I said those things and they are nasty, but I am not a racist... I shouldn't have done that," she apologized. After the show, Jade went into depression and was admitted to rehabilitation centre. She was also diagnosed with cancer when she came to India to participate on the reality show Bigg Boss in which Shilpa was the host.

Post Big Brother, both Shilpa and Jade became friends and Jade even invited Shilpa to her wedding.