Jade dies, Shilpa mourns

Cancer stricken, Jade Goody finally bade adieu to the materialistic world. She had fought with cervical cancer bravely till the end under immense pain. Goody 27 passed in her sleep at 3.14 a.m. at her home at Upshire, Essex in London. On hearing Jade’s departure, Shilpa is deeply saddened but at the same time she is glad that Jade is out of the severe pain that she was going through.

Sad at the demise of her friend, Shilpa said, "My phone has been flooded with messages and calls from people informing me about it. What can I say? I am happy that Jade passed away in peace. She was in a lot of pain. When I arrived in London to meet her, she had slipped into a coma. I was denied permission to see her”.

Jade left behind her two children. Shilpa expressed her deepest condolence to Goody's family members and was little heartbroken that she could not meet her for the last time. Extending her support to the family Shetty further added, “She was going through a lot of pain. I totally understand what the family must be going through and respect their privacy."

Shilpa was invited by Jade on her wedding to Tweed but unfortunately, she could not turn up due to her prior appointment and later when she rushed to the hospital, she was not allowed to meet her as she was highly intoxicated with drugs.

Unable to meet Jade, Shilpa later remarked that she is glad that she could not meet her because looking at her on dying bed and suffering in pain may give her immense pain throughout.

Shilpa and Jade happened to come face to face first time on British reality show, Big Brother and both garnered huge media attention due to the racial comments that Jade passed over to Shilpa. Though Shilpa Shetty emerged victorious, Jade was also remembered as a strong rebellion. 

In one incident, Jade even referred to her as ‘Shilpa Poppadom’ but when the show concluded, Jade apologized for her deeds and words and made many public apologies. Both became friends after the conclusion of Bigg Brother racial drama, Shilpa and Jade established a cordial relationship later.

Jade was diagnosed with cancer when she came to India to take part in the reality show, Bigg Boss. After appearing in few episodes, she was informed by her doctor about the deadly disease and she immediately retuned back to London for treatment.

Shilpa once said that she wanted to remember Jade as a true fighter who always keep smiling and not as a sufferer. 

Hope Jade’s soul rest in peace!