Jacqueline says she is not in touch with Sajid Khan

Jacqueline Fernandez who is looking forward to her next big release ‘Kick’ starring Salman Khan is the lead said that she is not in touch with her ex-flame Sajid Khan. Jacqueline dated Sajid for a year but Sajid over-possessive nature is said to have drifted the two apart.

Jacqueline has moved on in life and said that he is not in touch with Sajid anymore. When the actress was asked whether she is in touch with Sajid, she said, “No, of course not. People move on and we are both in a great space now”.

Jacqueline says yes to ‘Kick’ before listening to the script because for her working with Salman Khan itself is a big deal.

Actress was quoted saying, "The movie is on Salman's shoulders. He is the main lead of this film, people come to see Salman Khan at the end of the day, and for me to be part of it, is a very big deal."

Jacqueline who debuted with ‘Aladin’ in 2009 is happy to look back her career graph. She said, "I couldn't have asked for anything more. I came here not knowing anybody. I am happy...when I look back at my career, I have worked with amazing people. I feel I have been blessed. Doing a movie like ‘Kick'...I think my hard work has paid off."

For the first time, Jacqueline has dubbed for her film and speaking about her experience, the actress said, “I took it for granted earlier. I'd think that the dubbing artist would do it for me. But then, Kick is the biggest opportunity of my life and the biggest film of my career. Jacqueline: Initially, it was very tough and it took me three days just to dub a few lines but later on, I caught up. I have been working extra hard on the dubbing. I didn't enjoy it earlier but now I love it”.