Jackie will guard my body at Cannes: Mallika Sherawat

<a href='//www.bollywoodmantra.com/celebrity/mallika-sherawat/' title='Mallika Sherawat' class='article_display_tag' data-id='mallika-sherawat' id='article_tag_data_mallika-sherawat' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Mallika Sherawat</strong></a> and Jackie ChanThe Mallika-e-Husn has turned into a real princess. Mallika Sherawat plans to dazzle Cannes with jewellery worth Rs 4.5 crore and she will have her own martial arts superstar to help protect the treasure trove.
With beauties like Aishwarya Rai, Nandita Das, Laetitia Casta and Salma Hayek as her competition at the most famous film festival in the world, Mallika is certainly taking no chances. She will go dressed to Cannes as an Indian princess, the role that she plays in Jackie Chan's The Myth.
The highlight of her ensemble will be a diamond and pearl jewellery collection from ORRA that has had international celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Daisy Feuntes and Joan Rivers endorsing its products in the past. ORRA also has a signature line by India's Nightangle Lata Mangeshkar.

Perhaps mindful of the criticism heaped on some other Indian actresses for the outfits they have worn abroad, Mallika insists her wardrobe will leave no room for complaints. "Cannes is all about glamour, costumes, hairstyle and ornaments. So I am going to be very careful about what I wear. In fact I'm going to be extremely careful," she says.

Carrying jewellery worth crores on her person doesn't scare the feisty gal from Haryana. "To guard this body Jackie Chan is there no?" she quips.

But just in case the Hollywood action hero is busy elsewhere, there will be others to ensure that Mallika's dazzling curves are safe. "This is a truth - I have hired two bodyguards because I think it's important to protect my body," she says.

Known as the Eternity Collection, ORRA has given Mallika designs that are a fusion between Victorian and Indian Royal Era. This was done keeping in mind her clothes (designed by Anita Dongre) and character in The Myth.

According to ORRA's CEO Vijay Jain: "We tried to recreate the awesome magic and scintillating wonder of a world gone by...a world of opulence and beautiful princely treasures. The paisleys and flowers evoke the old aesthetic sense of design. By using emeralds, rubies, real pearls, diamond beads and rose-cuts, the grandeur of each piece took us to a different state of the country. Our jewellery has adorned the best at Oscars every year and this year will be taking our products to Cannes."

Other ORRA jewels that have shone on the red carpet before this include the Tamarine necklace made of rarest of rare natural coloured diamonds and the Satine necklace worn by Nicole Kidman in the Oscar-winning romantic saga Moulin Rouge. The Satine in fact has the distinction of being the most precious piece of jewellery ever commissioned in motion picture history - a 18 carat white gold collar necklace encrusted with 1308 diamonds.

Mallika's ornaments are expected to be no less impressive. Armlets and anklets will combine with classy necklaces and earrings in filigree work for a truly bewitching effect. Most of the pieces are linked, hence they are flexible, lightweight and indicate an aristocratic blend where each emerald and ruby has been chosen carefully to represent its royal lineage.

Jackie Chan has invited the Kiss Miss, who leaves for Cannes on May 14. During her four-day stay, she will attend as many as six events to promote her film The Myth. Mallika's itinerary is absolutely chock-a-block:

- The actress reaches Cannes late on the night of May 15
- She attends a small get-together on May 16
- Her big day comes on May 17 when she will attend the premiere of The Myth with Chan in tow
- There are two separate media interactions lined up for May 17 morning - one for the international and the other for the Indian press
- On May 18 she will be at a party thrown by Jackie Chan where she gets to rub shoulders with international celebrities

Mallika is looking forward to the whole experience and hopes to showcase her desi oomph on each of these glittering occasions. "I'll be walking the red carpet for Sin City and I expect to share the limelight with Bruce Willis. Since Salma Hayek is on the jury with Quentin Tarantino and Robert Redford, I am sure they will be there too. It's like a dream come true. I've been in the film industry for only two years and I feel it's a great achievement for me. A journey that started in Haryana is now headed towards Cannes!" she exults.

Courtesy: HT city