Iulia accompanies Salman to his Gorai holiday home

There is no secret that Salman Khan and Iulia Vantur are couple. They are contemplating marriage and these days Iulia is seen with Salman very often. At parties, events Iulia and Salman no longer shy away from being clicked. Iulia is also slowly started taking interest in Salman’s personal affair. Recently, the lovebirds headed to Salman’s Gorai holiday home.

Salman’s Gorai holiday home is build on 100 actress plot and Iulia accompanied Salman to the bungalow to check on the construction development.

Last Wednesday, they visited the farmhouse. Says a super-thrilled neighbour of the actor, “Salman and Iulia visited the place around 7 am, and spent an hour talking to architects.”

Due to monsoon, the construction work on the property has been halted but will restart in September.  

It is strongly buzzed that Salman and Iulia will enter into wedlock on November 18. However, when Salman was asked about the date, he answered, "Ye 18th November kuch bees-pachees Novembers se chal raha hai...18th November hota hai ki nahi pata nahi kaunse saal may hota hai, but hoga. (This talk about marriage has been going on since the last 20-25 years. I don't know when it will take place, but it will happen)."

Salman also added that there are lots of pressure from his family, basically from his mom and sisters, Salman said, "I know a few...Aapko nahi pata mujhpe kitna pressure aata hai (you don't what kind of pressure I face). By the way, 'I know a few' means those are my mother and sisters."

Salman also added that November 18 is the wedding anniversary of his parents. When asked if it will be his wedding date as well, he said, "Agar woh date calendar may ho toh. Pata chala woh 18th November koi nikaal diya. (Only if that date is there in the calendar. Or else somebody will remove November 18 from it)."