Is Shahrukh joining politics?

Shahrukh Khan at Sheri holding a kasaura


It was quite a surprise to see actor Shahrukh Khan attend the traditional Muslim custom of Sehri during the Ramzan month. But it was apparently at the request of some local political parties that SRK agreed to attend the religious ritual? So naturally the question on everyone's mind was 'Is SRK venturing into politics' Well after acting, brand endorsement, buying IPL cricket teams, we can't be sure what's next on the actor's agenda? Any guesses?


Shahrukh Khan addressing crowd at Sheri


Shahrukh Khan has admitted that he does not follow all the fasts for the holy month devotedly, but the actor did seem to know the customs and rituals quite well. SRK attended the event in a casual tee shirt and jeans. SRK did look a bit tired and the actor proudly sported some grey stands in his hair as well. Now while some actors build up their bodies and go for hair transplants to hide their age, SRK surely does not seem to be bothered about his age.