Is Maanyata Mrs. Dutt already?

Recently there was a greeting in the Shiv Sena mouth piece 'Saamna', wishing the Shiv Sena Chief 'Happy Birthday.' The greeting was apparently given on the names of Sanjay Dutt and Maanyata Dutt. There was the Dutt surname added to Maanyata's name too. Naturally this sent the media in a frenzy and every one was speculating whether Sanjay Dutt had already married Maanyata.
However Sanju baba chose to remain silent on the issue and refused to clarify the issue. Maanyata has been a constant source of strength and support in Sanjay Dutt's life. The one time aspiring actress has even changed her life around to be by Sanju's side. She has stood rock solid by Sanju, especially during his most trying times, when he was imprisoned. Maanyata has also been spotted by Sanjay's side at most events, whether they are in public or private occasions at home. She accompanied him to shrines around the country, she has hosted parties, poojas etc along with Sanjay at their home. And now sources claim that they are even looking for another house together .

Earlier too there were rumours that Sanjay and Maanyata had tied the knot on October 19, 2006. But Sanju eventually denied these rumours and claimed that he was not yet married and would first deal with the problem of his case and imprisonment. But this time round, Sanju has not bothered to clarify anything, despite several channels trying to contact him. So is Sanju's silence an acknowledgement of the fact that he and Maanyata have already tied the knot. But sources claim "it was Maanyata and not Sanjay who saw to the details of the advertisement." According to sources Sanjay is getting torn between his ladylove Maanyata and his family, sisters, daughter etc who are obviously not very fond of Maanyata. When sister Priya Dutt was asked about the the advertisement, she simply stated "why don't you ask those who have printed the ad?" Sanjay will do anything to please his lady though, and hence agreed with Maanyata using the Dutt surname in the advertisement.

Maanyata has taken complete control of Sanjay's life ; she has even started keeping him away from friends whom she considers a negative influence in Sanju's life. Sources also claim that Maanyata is one of the main reasons for the rift in the friendship between Sanjay Dutt and Sanjay Gupta. Maanyata is also taking care of Sanjay's finances and career decisions. He has now started doing big banner films with a higher remuneration. But Sanjay is completely devoted and in love with Maanyata, he will even defend her to his family.