Is Honey Singh victimized at the wake of his rising popularity?

Honey Singh who took the nation by storm with his innovative Punjabi rap songs is in trouble. He has been accused of releasing a song titled “Main Hoon Ek Balaatkari”. The country has been mourning the death of a rape victim in Delhi, and is all charged up towards the bureaucracy and the politicians. At the wake of such an incident no nation will tolerate any song that is anti-women and offensive.

Following the release of this song Honey Singh has been boycotted. An FIR has also been lodged against him for his obscene use of words, in Lucknow. He was also supposed to be performing at a concert in Gurgaon on New Year’s Eve, but that too got cancelled.

However, Honey Singh who is perturbed by all this said in his defense that the song is not his.

He was quoted as saying, “I swear on my music, I`ve neither written nor sung those offensive songs. I`d never dream of singing a song in praise of rape. The thought is nauseating to me. I`d rather give up singing than attain popularity in such cheap and cheesy ways.” He added, “I respect women...What I am going through is another form of rape".

He said with conviction that the song has been uploaded by an imposter, “I`ve sent notices to YouTube and other websites which have uploaded the offensive number. I am shocked that such a song could even be believed to be mine. I come from a family where women are respected. And I`d never disrespected women by espousing rape.”

There has been another number titled “Ch..t” that has been uploaded in the internet years back under the name of Honey Singh. “I completely disown both these obscene numbers. I`ve nothing to do with them.”

He has accused his rivals to have done this. He said, “They can`t bear to see a villager from Hoshiarpur like me become so successful. My fans know the truth. I`d never disrespect women. I have been brought up to treat women with courtesy and dignity.”

“Just when the country is reeling under the impact of the ghastly rape crime a song about rape is being attributed to me. And another song that I have been fighting for years to have removed as my doing, is in the public eye. I am being targeted for wrongs that I didn`t commit," he said.

Honey Singh said it with a show of conviction, “If anyone can prove I`m behind those anti-women songs I`m ready to give up music.”