Is Ajay getting desperate?

Ajay DevganIt is a fact that Ajay Devgan is one of the finest actors we have today, within fixed bandwidths! Give him an emotional, fast paced, agitated dialogue delivery roles and he will excel. To sum it up (and not sound harsh) he is a uni-directional actor, who is beyond compare within his range. But give him a comedy/romantic role or even a role that demands good dancing and he is pathetic
Now, maybe these may not be criteria for art or critically acclaimed movies, but they are essential for mainstream commercial Bollywood potboilers, otherwise Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri, etc. would have been our biggest stars today. After all, 'variety is the spice of life ', especially in Bollywood.

Ajay, who has been criticizing certain things/traits previously, has been indulging in those very things of late. Be it Salman/John like zany hairstyle, walking the ramp (whatever may be his excuse) or going for endorsements, even if the reason as Ajay says is his wife Kajol.

It is human for a star to feel insecure, especially those who have just 2-3 solo hits after 13 years in the industry, or for those who have had 4-5 consecutive flops. But Ajay was never a hypocrite (like many other stars), so his straight-faced refusal (like his acting) to admit that he too has bowed down to commercial considerations is surprising! C'mon Ajay, you were always different so please stay that way!