Irrfan Khan, Salim Khan strongly condemn Dhaka terror attacks

Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan and veteran scriptwriter Salim Khan have severely condemned the Dhaka terror attacks in which 20 people, including foreigners, were killed. While Irrfan lashed out at the terrorist for giving Islam a bad name, Salman Khan’s father said that if the terrorists were Muslims, he was not.

Late on Friday, July 1, gunmen stormed the Holey Artisan Bakery cafe in a diplomatic enclave of the Bangladesh capital and brutally killed a multi-national crowd, including nine Italians, seven Japanese, one US citizen and an Indian, dining at the trendy restaurant.

In a Facebook post written in Urdu, Irrfan slammed the terrorists and also expressed his condolences for the victims and their families. He wrote, “During childhood, our religion taught us that if your neighbour is hungry, then you shouldn’t eat without him. After hearing about the news in Bangladesh, I feel terribly hollow inside. For not knowing what’s written in the Quran, people were killed in the holy month of Ramzaan. An incident takes place in one place, but Islam and the entire world’s Muslims are given a bad name.”

Questioning the silence of the Muslim community, Irrfan added, “The foundation of Islam is peace, grace and feeling others' pain. So, should a Muslim person keep quiet and let the religion be insulted? Or should the Muslim person understand the meaning of Islam himself and help others understand that cruelty and committing massacre is not Islam. That is the question."

Salim Khan also criticised the Dhaka terror attacks and urged others to condemn the tragic incident. In a series of posts on micro-blogging site Twitter, he stated that the terrorists are not following Islam in any sense. He further added that killing one innocent human was equivalent to killing the humanity.

“Dhaka -The people involved with these acts at regular intervals all over the world call themselves Muslims. To be a Muslim one has to follow the Prophet and Quran. I dont know what these people are following but they are not following Islam at all,” Salim Khan tweeted.

He further wrote that if the terrorists are Muslims for any reason, he is not. “If they are muslims for any reason I am not. The Prophet said "killing one innocent human was equivalent to killing the humanity",” he posted.

He called upon all his Muslim brothers to condemn these heinous killings in their prayers this Eid and wrote, “On this eid let us pledge that our prayers will be incomplete without condemning the senseless cowardly killing.”