Irrfan Khan being criticised for his remarks on Islam on TV show

Irrfan Khan had been on the receiving end after he expressed his views on religious fundamentalists, self-appointed custodians and interpreters of the Holy Scriptures during a debate on news channel Times Now, recently.

His comments drew a lot of flak from incensed religious leaders who sarcastically suggested that Irrfan should restrict himself to acting and not intervene in religious matters.

The ‘Madaari’ actor stated that he didn't need “mediators” to establish a connection between him and God. When another guest on the panel said that one needs the Holy Book to understand the faith, Irrfan went on to explain, "One man comes and he imparts his understanding of the holy Quran, a second man comes and he can give a different understanding, and the third man can give a third understanding. Take translation, for example, the same thing is interpreted in various ways, and that sometimes sends people down the wrong path."

The acclaimed actor clearly stated he didn't need any support to uphold his beliefs; that his doubts and misgivings about the way religion and the Holy Scriptures are interpreted, were his own.

While Irrfan was lauded for his comments, he has also been reportedly flooded with threats and intimidation for his outspokenness.

However, Irrfan has clarified that he has been receiving criticisms and not threats. Responding to a tweet by a news site, the actor posted, “Pls do not confuse criticism with threats!!!”