'Inkaar' gets a mixed response from the audience

Sudhir Mishra is back with his latest “Inkaar” that released today at the theatres, after his last venture “Yeh Saali Zindagi” (2011). The film stars Chitrangada Singh and Arjun Rampal in the lead roles.

Sudhir Mishra has been a renowned director known mostly for his acute sense of filmmaking. He has a niche of his own in this industry. He has earlier directed films like “Chameli” and “Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi”. These films have received a lot of praise and adulation.

The film “Inkaar” deals with sexual harassment in the workplace and what goes on behind the corporate world. Chitrangada plays the character of Maya Luthra who works in an ad agency firm as a copy-writer. Arjun Rampal plays the company’s CEO- Rahul Verma. He is shown to guide her through her learning curve, and he also prepares and grooms her for the strictures of the job.

Maya is shown to be a quick learner, who escalates soon to the position of the National Creative Director. However, later the story narrates how she tries to usurp power from Rahul and becomes a threat to him.

Later in a serious turn of events Maya is shown accusing Rahul for sexually harassing her. Rahul on the other hand counter attacks her by saying he was used by her for her own benefit.

The film exemplifies the collision of two strong opposite sexes. It also projects that in today’s times women are no longer meek and oppressed by men. This film presents greed, power, and ambition of two strong aggressive competitors.

The smouldering chemistry of Chitrangada and Arjun had been the high-point of “Inkaar”. However, despite having a mysterious and interesting plot, it has been the performance and the screenplay that has been drab. The film could have been engaging only if the characters had been a little well-etched out.

The audiences who have watched the film has only said a half-hearted yes to this film. Though the expectations had been high from “Inkaar”, the audience response has been mixed.

The critics have also not been too satisfied with the film. A well-known film critic has said, “Inkaar has the seed of a good story but the characters don't turn out to be ones you care about, nor does the narrative grip you enough to keep you engaged.”

Another critic has said, “If Inkaar is still a riveting film until the point it throws it all away, it is principally due to the superb editing.”

“Inkaar” will definitely have a hard time at the box-office.