Injured Shahrukh back on 'Happy New Year' set

Shahrukh Khan met with an accident during the shooting of Farah Khan’s ‘Happy New Year’ and despite injury he has returned to the film set to resume his shooting. Doctors have advised him rest for few weeks but workaholic and highly professional Shahrukh Khan returned to the film shoot. However, he won’t be doing heavy scenes.

"SRK's back to work on Feb 4. He is still recovering from his injury, so no heavy scenes for him,' said a source close to the superstar.

The superstar sustained a major injury when a heavy door fell over him and he resisted with his shoulder. Following which he was advised complete bed rest for the next two-weeks.  

After the injury, he was immediately taken to Nanavati hospital and after few tests and medication, he was discharged. The final test report has come up now which shows he had few major injury on his right shoulder and left knee.

However, it is learnt that Shahrukh went back to the hospital for some more tests after few days.

"Shah Rukh went through fresh set of tests last night post the shoot for the injuries he incurred on the sets while shooting yesterday. His right shoulder is fractured and left knee patella is torn. Doctors have advised him to take complete rest for the next two-three weeks," the source said on condition of anonymity.

Shahrukh received a standing ovation for his professionalism from the cast and the crew of ‘Happy New Year’ as after taking medicines, he returned to the set for shoot. Good friend and filmmaker Farah Khan cancelled the shoot.

The actor took to Twitter after the accident, “Have a few tests to do & Insha Allah all will be good.Few scars maybe. Will show them off cos as they say there r no scars for happiness (sic).”

Earlier in the day, an official statement from SRK’s office stated, “Mr Khan had a minor accident on the sets while shooting. He has a minor injury and has got the necessary medical aid. Mr Khan is absolutely fine now. Thank you for all your wishes!”