Imran’s daredevil stunt

We all know Imran Khan as a chocolate tee boy but when his new flick, ‘Luck’ will unveil in the theatre, he will amaze everyone with his daring stunt. Yes, Imran Khan is performing a dangerous stunt in ‘Luck’ where he jumped from an airplane onto a moving train. Ace stunt director Allam Amin made Imran to do it. The full of risk scene has been shot in Bangkok.

"It is a major scene in the film and we will most probably use it for the promotion of the film. It will be a major part of the film’s publicity campaign so I don’t want to reveal much about the scene," said Imran.

Apart from the action scene, Amin has also choreographed an underwater action scene with Imran and his leading lady Shruti Haasan in South Africa. They will be seen swimming with sharks.

The ace action director has also made Sanjay Dutt to do a risky stunt where he runs faster towards a fast moving train, resembling to that of Aamir Khan in ‘Ghulam’.

With so many daring stunts in a single film, ‘Luck’ will surely be a treat to watch.