Imran opts for court marriage with Avantika

Imran Khan and Avantika Malik’s wedding date is drawing nearer. Guess where the couple is going to get married. Imran and Avantika has decided to wed in the court. It’s a joint decision of the two. They have opted for court marriage keeping in mind the religious factor.

Imran is a Muslim and Avantika a Hindu. To keep the matter neutral, they have decided to go for court marriage. “In the past, reports have suggested that Imran and Avantika would have a nikha in Mumbai. Though Imran’s family members are known to be religious, they have never imposed it on him,” as per a source close to the couple.

“In fact, it was Imran who was very confused about this for a long time. A lot of serious thought failed to yield anything that was to his satisfaction," added the source.

Imran Khan has confirmed the report. “I am from a Muslim family and Avantika belongs to a Hindu family. I personally didn't commit our wedding to one religion or another. We felt the best way for us was to keep it neutral and have a court marriage," said Imran.

The wedding will take place at the end of January. Later, they will throw a party which will be attended by close friends and relatives only.