Imran, Minissha can't remain separately

Young and dynamic Imran Khan had a ball shooting with sensuous Minissha Lambha for Kidnap. They got along so well that sometimes the director had a tough time managing the two. He many a times had to disrupt their togetherness for the entire day especially if they needed to shoot an angry scene and it used to be too hard for him. Both are youngsters and director Sanjay Gadhvi had a harsh time splitting the two for the sake of work. The duo were not being able to remain separate for a moment.

While shooting a particular stunt scene, Imran unknowingly injured Minissha but the sporty girl did not take it to the hurt and continued to remain attached to him. The number where drenched Minissha tries to seduce Imran is hitting the headlines.  Says Minissha, ''It was a unique experience to be doing something like "Mausam" since I haven't played such a character before who was required to be drenched in water for camera. However, Sanjay (Gadhvi) was clear from day one that my playful character had to behave like a teenager who is out to explore life on her own in the outside world. She does things her way and isn't shy of flaunting her assets. She is a little naughty, a lot feminine and generally someone who loves life".   

Kidnap is slated for October 1st release.