IIFA the big Bollywood award function travels to US

The International Indian Film Academy which is popularly known as IIFA is a brand ambassador of sorts for Bollywood to the world.  True to its character, the IIFA awards functions are held in different parts of the world to raise awareness and stir interest about the glamorous throbbing Bollywood film industry.

Earlier editions of the award functions were held in popular global destinations, such as Bangkok, Amsterdam and Singapore. This year the venue is Tampa, Florida in the United States of America. The excitement is palpable at Tampa, as is evident from the statement made on the NPR (National Public Radio).

It was heard on NPR that, "This year, Bollywood, its glittering stars and its legions of fans, have come to Tampa," and they also added that "At nearly all of the events held this week in downtown Tampa, the soundtrack has been throbbing Indian pop.  At an outdoor dance concert, several thousand people - mostly Indian-Americans - gathered at a park on Tampa's waterfront." The mood at the award function was perfectly portrayed by the statement on NPR was, "DJs provided the music and there were food vendors, families on blankets and even a flash mob courtesy of a couple of dozen young people breaking out into a choreographed dance routine."

Bob Buckhorn the Tampa mayor speaking to the NPR said that, "They wanted to introduce the Bollywood brand to the United States" and went on to add, "It had never been here before, so they picked a city where there's a big Indian-American community, with the biggest media market in the state of Florida. So it made sense for a lot of reasons, and one thing we know how to do is put on a big show."

The Bollywood fans are getting an eyeful of their favorite actors and actresses as they turn up for the prestigious event. The Saturday night IIFA function to be held at Tampa's football stadium is selling tickets like hot cakes and they are priced from mere hundred to thousand dollars. Twenty thousand spectators are expected to visit the ground while the global television audience will be in few hundred millions.

Silver screen divas such as Deepika and Priyanka along with the handsome hunk Hrithik Roshan is keeping the fans super excited. Among all these glitz and glamour the only question that bothers the conscience is that whether the voting in India shouldn’t have been the first priority of these Bollywood icons and idols?