Ideal husbands of Bollywood

Nothing can be more precious for a woman than the endearing companionship of a caring husband, in whose company she can share, relax, revel and purr blissfully. Universally applicable to the entire womenfolk, the same holds true for the grimly competitive world of B town. Despite the cut throat competition and highly erratic working schedules, B town boasts of a fair share of men who fall into the coveted category of ‘ideal husbands’.


1. Shah Rukh Khan

Besides his striking versatility and penchant for showmanship; the intrinsic familial bond of SRK is somewhat exemplary. As far as the category of ideal husbands is concerned, the stylish Badshah of B town will easily top the list outwitting the rest of his kinds. Time and again, he has proved his mettle as faithful husband and a doting father; prioritizing personal ties over anything else.

2. Akshay Kumar

Before settling down to the cozy bounds of domestic bliss and marital happiness; Akshay happened to be a phenomenal lady killer being infamously associated with the likes of Raveena Tandon, Ayesha Jhulka and Silpa Shetty. But things took a turn for the better with his marriage to Twinkle Khanna, with the latter ensuring stability and settlement to his life. Despite the occasional rumor or two cropping up now and then, one finds Khilari Kumar playing the role of a caring husband and concerned father to perfection.

3. Hrithik Roshan

Having married the childhood sweet heart Sussane, things went rock steady for the dashing superstar with chiseled looks, until the much speculated romance with the Latin actress created ripples in the star actor’s marital happiness. Despite the buzzing guesses and rumors, the dancing superstar made sure to win over his better half’s trust. Since then, there was no looking back, with Hrithik making it a point to spend quality time with Sussane and both their sons. The star actor is also known to be making adjustment in his shooting schedule so that the little ones do not miss the company of their actor father.

4. Arjun Rampal

Having married the model and co performer Mehr Jessia, Arjun’s has been one of the best examples of long lasting marital bliss without the interference of trouble and so called link ups- an intrinsic feature of most Bollywood marriages. Besides being an ideal family man, Arjun with his loving ways has proved how romance can be breathed into a long lasting partnership.

With press and public prying hard into the private domains of the glamour prone stars and superstars; the going can get really tough and testing from the point of view of marital bliss and trust. But in spite of all odds, there are many besides the mentioned ones who have proved their worth as ideal partners.