I won't compromise: Udita Goswami

Udita Goswami is lucky to have bagged a Pooja Bhatt production as her debut film. But director Pooja Bhatt (Paap) is so happy with her work that she wants to sign her for another film soon. A brief chat with the model actress...
...Paap directed by Pooja Bhatt is your first film. How did you get this film?
Poojaji saw my photo in one of the magazines and liked my looks. She came to Delhi to attend a function and met me here. Thereafter, I appeared in an audition test and was selected for the lead role.

Is it true that Paap has a lot of hot scenes?
No, it’s just a rumour. Paap doesn’t have any revealing bold scenes. Had it been a hot film, I would have rejected it because I had set some norms for myself before I came into this profession, and at any cost I am not going to compromise on them.

What is your role in Paap?
I play a very average city girl who comes to Delhi for some work. While in Delhi, she witnesses a murder and a police officer helps her come out of the tricky situation. Later, she falls in love with him.

How was it working with Pooja Bhatt?
The experience was excellent. I think I am luckyto have got an opportunity to work with such a director. Besides, she is very nice person too.