I was raped when I was 11, Gaurav aka Gauri Arora

Gaurav Arora, who recently hit the headlines for sex transformation made a shocking revelation that he was raped when he was 11. The ‘Splitsvilla 8’ contestant who changed her name from Gaurav to Gauri after becoming a girl confessed this during an interview.

Talking to Hindustan Times, Gaurav aka Gauri confessed that he was raped when he was 11. "I was blamed then, that it occurred because I dressed like a girl. These were boys from my tuition class who were about six or seven years older than me. One day at the park, they got me to stay late and talked to me affectionately. Initially, I was revelling in the attention from the big boys. Maybe it was my innate attraction towards boys, which I am aware of now, but I was very innocent at the time. Before I knew it, they were caressing and kissing then manhandling me and molesting me and I was in pain. I knew this was wrong although I didn't know exactly how."

Gauri told her mom about it who discouraged her from telling her father but she eventually did. Gaurav aka Gauri's father called the police and confronted the boys. But he adds, "Because I was different, it was as though I had asked for it."

Currently, Gaurav aka Gauri is leading a life of a woman after sex change. The handsome, soft spoken guy was the first one to speak openly about bisexuality and acknowledge it on national television.

He has also changed the name of her Instagram account name as Gauri Arora. She posted many picture with short hair, fuller lips, enhanced cheek bones and dressed like a woman on her social media account.

Gauri Arora has posted many picture on her social media account in which she posed like woman and flaunting her deadly figure.