I haven't done Paathshala for commercial reasons, Shahid Kapur

Soon Shahid Kapur will be seen as a school teacher in director Milind Ukey's "Paathshaala".  Shahid claims that he has not done the film for any commercial reason, but the message of the film inspired him to be associated with Paathshala.   
"We really want this film to be seen by people because it is saying something good. I haven't done this film for commercial reasons. I don't think Ahmad (Khan) made this for commercial reasons. We just believe in what the film is saying, we wanted to reach out to people. People don't pick up a subject about children, the education system and try and make a film about it. You try and make a documentary and it becomes boring," Shahid said.  
"It's all the more difficult to find a subject and make it entertaining and make it like a story which has little bit of emotion, a little bit of comedy, drama and you want to sit through it. And so, all of us did this film because we wanted to participate in this process of trying to create awareness about something very relevant today," added Shahid.  
Paathshala will hit the silver screen on April 16 and tries to answer questions related to the sanctity of today's education system. It sheds light on the shortcomings and wrong doings in today's schools where the high morals and basic ethics associated with the teaching profession seem to have taken a back seat. "There are lots of things that the film talks about. There are small situations in the film which signify various problems that children are going through." Shahid said.  

"How schools compete with a high-end school in the locality and what happens to parents when there is a certain hike in fees. The kind of pressure children have to face when they have to attend school and match up to the studies and match up to the extra curricular activities and match up to the requirements of their parents. "Taare Zameen Par" created a platform for others to make films on related subjects. "This film is nowhere near 'Taare Zameen Par'. But 'Taare Zameen Par' gave a platform for this type of film. Before that no one ever thought that this type of film could be made and released at the commercial level. 'Taare Zameen Par' talks about a dyslexic child and this film is about the general education system," Shahid added.