I have made a lot of new enemies, says Shahrukh

Recently SRK was in Delhi to deliver a keynote lecture on success to the management students. He was invited by All India Institute of Management Association (AIMA).

SRK began his lecture with a witty sense of humor. He said, “I am the funniest bit of fun you can have in your life.”

He said, “I feel scared addressing this extraordinary mass of grey matter. So many big brains are here and all you guys can manage to get is a Bollywood star. The economy must really be in a bad state.”

“For me, the experience is mind boggling but I can barely say c-c-c-c-corporation.” said Shahrukh. He was trying to draw reference to his way of pronouncing names in many movies.

“Let me forewarn you, this speech is a recycle. I deliver it whenever I go for such events. It is generic, simple and makes no commitment - much like your corporate world....Success is wonderful but it cannot be explained. My father was the most successful failure I have seen. Some of my earliest hits were rejected by others - Deewana by Arman Kohli, Baazigar by Salman Khan and Darr by Aamir Khan. I remember Dilip Kumar telling me why he did Devdas - 'Bimal (Roy) da ek lakh de rahe the, toh kar liya'. So, success just happens and then we take credit for it.”said SRK.

SRK further said, “Failure happens out of fear and it is your response to failure that pushes you to succeed. I am scared of losing. It makes me work hard for 18 to 20 hours a day.”

He then told that winning friends and success have no connection. He said, “I lost a lot of friends after Ra.One. Post Chennai Express, I am happy to tell you, I didn't make any new friends. But I have made a lot of new enemies.”

Before he said thank you, people thronged on the stage. Girls wanted to get clicked with him. A few men wanted to do ‘lungi dance’ with him. SRK like a gentleman obliged many. He then said, “Thank you for making me who I am. As long as I can keep doing my Lungi Dance, I'll manage to keep you happy.”

The event took place on Thrusday. SRK is busy shooting for his upcoming film ‘Happy New Year’. He will be starring again with Deepika Padukone.