I have a husband; I would like to start a family, Kareena Kapoor

Unlike her contemporaries Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor has no such intentions of going to Hollywood and showcase her talent. She is happy with her own little space and is in no mood to explore the West. The ‘Ki and Ka’ actress said that her priorities are different as compared to Priyanka and Deepika.

 “My priorities are very different. The kind of work that these girls have put in, you need to have that kind of dedication of wanting to achieve so much and do it so wonderfully. I don’t want to conquer the world but I don’t mind having a little place of my own. It’s as simple as that,” said Kareena.

"My responsibilities are a lot more different than hers (Priyanka Chopra). I have a husband, I would like to start a family. I can't give up everything and move to LA. That's not me," she said.

Kareena is a Unicef ambassador but prefers to do social work quietly.

“Spreading the word about causes is nice but talking about my personal charity is something I don’t like to do. But of course, I am a celebrity advocate for Unicef and we have worked closely over the last four years for the education of the girl child in India. That is something I am passionate about because education is something I believe in completely,” the “Jab We Met” actress said.

The actress shared that she still regrets ditching college for acting.

“I couldn’t complete my education. I kind of rushed into films, so I think that’s a sensitive part of my life and I always regret I never got to go to college,” she said.

Kareena further said that according to her, actors, including her, 'sometimes forget that they are human beings too.'

"You either become robots or you're so accustomed to everybody praising you or being in awe of you that you almost forget what you are," she said.

Kareena prefers vacationing in London with Saif at least twice a year. She added "you can be a star and cut away from that world and come here and spend time with people who have no idea of Bollywood."

"We both enjoy that a lot. It's nice to pull out for a while," said the actress.

Kareena shares her future plans, “Hopefully giving another interview, making some sense, working all my life. I think we are in the habit of aping the West a lot. And the West has amazing actors who are married and with children. It has never stopped them. I think we are getting there,” she said.