I feel angry, I feel let down: Deepika Padukone on ‘Padmavati’ row

The protest against ‘Padmavati’ screening intensified. Deepika Padukone, who played the titular role of ‘Rani Padmavati’ was targeted and she was hugely slammed by Karni Sena for portraying the role of the Rajput princess. She was threatened and looking into her saffety heavy security was deployed outside Deepika Padukone’s residence as well as her office in Mumbai.

5 crore reward was announced by a rebel group to anyone who would behead Deepika and another revolutionary group threatened to chop Deepika’s nose.

When Deepika Padukone was asked what is her reaction to detractors demanding her head or wanting her nose to be chopped, the actress replied, “Well, at this point, as a woman, an artiste and a citizen of this country I feel angry, I feel let down and I also find it amusing.”

When asked if she felt scared, Deepika said, “I will never feel scared. Fear is not an emotion I have ever identified with.”

Deepika Padukone feels the story of Rani Padmavati is beautiful and the story needs to be told to the world, “Yes, people are allowed to express themselves without having even seen the film. And having worked in the film, I can assure you it’s one film every Indian will be proud of. I’m glad we are showcasing Padmaviti’s journey. Her story needs to be told not just to people in this country but across the world,” Deepika quips.

In an interview to DNA, she restated she has “full faith in the judicial system of our country. I know no wrong will be done”. Talking about the protests, she added, “There is fraction out there who is doing what it is. But as I said at the start, I have faith in our judicial system.’’

Earlier, speaking to Hindustan Times, Ranveer Singh, who portrayed the role of Alauddin Khilji had also said, “I am 200 per cent with the film and I stand by it as well as Sanjay Leela Bhansali. I also stand by his vision for the film. He had a vision and has done everything to realise it. Vis-à-vis the film, I can just request the audience and everybody else who have concerns about it to wait and watch the film. One shouldn’t doubt Sanjay sir; he is a magnificent film-maker and has tremendous respect for Indian culture and an enormous respect for Indian heritage and he will never intentionally hurt sentiments or do anything wrong. He is a good man with good intentions.”

‘Padmavati’ helmed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali is slated to release on December 1st.