I cried a lot after my breakup with Ranbir: Deepika

The stylish Bollywood star Deepika Padukone was one of the speakers at the India Today Conclave 2014 which was held in New Delhi on Saturday

. She talked about her journey in Bollywood and her much talked about love life. She was a part of a session named ‘Blockbuster Express: Why Heroines are the New Heroes.’

When asked whether she had plans to get back with her ex-boyfriend Ranbir, she replied, “It’s not something that has ever crossed my mind. We have both moved on. It has made both of us better persons. It made me realise I should not be so attached to one thing or a person — after the break-up the fact that I had to pick myself up. I cried a lot after my break-up. But I have become a better person and I thank him for that.”

The actress gave another interesting reply when asked how she would react if she saw her boyfriend in bed with her arch rival.

“Oh no! I can’t go through that again,” Deepika was quoted saying, who broke up with Ranvir Kapoor after catching him with another actress.

The 28-year-old-actress, who has been linked to her co-stars quite a number of times, said being in a relationship was the most important thing for her.

“I am completely ruled by my heart, not just relationship wise but choosing films comes straight from my heart. For me being in a relationship is I think very important.”

Deepika, who enjoys the stature of being one of the leading actresses of Bollywood, also opened up on Ranveer Singh.

When quizzed how she would like to elaborate on her relationship with Ranveer, her prompt reply was that she did not want to run blindly for someone at this stage of her career and that she knew how much people were interested in knowing about her and Ranveer.

“I’m at a stage when I don’t want to rush into anything. For a young girl, I should have the option of knowing a person and to be sure about the person I land up with. I understand the scrutiny of people, wanting to know about us,” she added.

At the India Today session the star of ‘Chennai Express’ and ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’ was also heard saying, “success comes from believing in yourself and not being someone you are expected to be”.