I created controversies to gain the limelight, Poonam Pandey

Stripping queen Poonam Pandey opened her heart out that she has created controversies to hog the limelight. The ‘Nasha’ actress says that she doesn't have famous surnames like Kapoor or Khan but she works hard.

"Neither do I belong to a filmy background nor I am a Kapoor or a Khan but I am a hard worker. It's all my hard work that I have come this far. I used created controversies of course to gain the limelight. You (media) people made me. Today I thought to do something better," she said at the press conference of her short film The Weekend.

Commenting on the recent trend of women-centric films in Bollywood, Poonam said, "It's a good thing that Bollywood is making more women-centric films. And while the audience is accepting well, then why should I do controversy. But jokes apart, I did 'The Weekend' because the audience is liking those films. Things are changing. So why not do something better?"

The actress admits she has a strategy to get work in films.

"People give 200 auditions out there, I've seen it. I just chose the shortcut. People ask me why I do all these things. I say to them it's my decision what to do and I am happy with what I do."

About her film, Poonam said, "It's not a porn film. It is a full-fledged film in terms of acting and content. Though you may think if Poonam Pandey has done it, but it is a complete film."

Directed by Aryan Singh, the short horror film has been co-produced by Poonam with Suresh Nakum under the banner The World Networks.

The film is slated to release on September 24.