I can give my life for Katrina Kaif, quoted Ranbir

The heartthrob of Bollywood, Ranbir Kapoor is doing great in his career, he is delivering one after another hit every year but instead of talking about his career and success, people and media rather takes much interest to talk about his personal life. His love affair with Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif occupy gossip column almost every alternate day. But Ranbir Kapoor finally speaks his heart out and declares Katrina’s importance in his life.

When the actor was asked for whom he can give his life, he said, “My family, Ayan, Katrina, as she is a very special person in my life, Rohit Dhawan, who I grew up with, and Aisha Divetri, my school friend. And Imtiaz Ali and Anurag Basu, as they add a lot to my life.’’

As grapevine buzzed he is contemplating marriage, Ranbir was asked what qualities he wants in his life partner, he replied, ‘’With age and experience, I have come to the view that what I really look for is to look up to the girl. I need to respect her and that she adds more to my life than I add to hers. Every individual is different and you just have to be comfortable with each other. I am not a male chauvinist and want my wife to live her life and have her own point of view. I want her to do all she wants to. Gone are the days when women take the personality of the man and are just homemakers.’’

He continued to speak his perception about marriage, “Marriage is a natural process that has to organically come from you. I cannot get married because I am going to become 31 this year. Also, somewhere in my head — and it's a bad reason — but I am living with my parents and we are planning to move out and make a larger space, where I will start my family. I don't see myself ever leaving my parents. Also, I believe that a child needs both parents, so I will get married when I am ready for a child. I definitely want to get married, but not immediately.’’

Ranbir clears the air about proposing Katrina on his coming birthday, ‘’A tabloid wrote that I am getting engaged on my birthday, even though I have not even had a conversation about this. Firstly, it makes me sound tacky that I am going to propose on my birthday as I don't take my birthday so seriously. Secondly, it will be a special moment for me and when I do get married, I want the girl to feel special and want it to be a surprise for her as it will be a big moment in her life, too. I hope that the tabloids do not spoil her surprise and she is actually surprised when I propose to her.’’

Speaking about his ex-flame Deepika Padukone, the actor said, ‘’Deepika and me have fortunately done a successful film together and we have been in a relationship in the past, but it is hard for people to imagine how we have both moved on in our lives. She is doing well and I am proud of her achievements, but we have not been in touch after YJHD. I hope people can distinguish between us and that we are working together only as professionals. There is nothing common in our lives other than the films we have done or will do. I have never ever involved myself with casting. That's the director's prerogative. I am doing Imtiaz's film irrespective of his heroine. Even if he had taken a five-year-old boy to work opposite me, I would have done it.’’