I am very disturbed to hear Sanjay Dutt`s verdict, Rajinikanth

There have been a lot of reactions from the industry regarding the verdict on the Sanjay Dutt case. But one thing is for sure, they have left no stone unturned in being there for him.

Sanjay Dutt has been acquitted for possession of illegal arms, when the serial blasts took place in Mumbai back in 1993. On Thursday, the verdict was given against his favor, and he was sentenced to 5 years of jail.

Yesterday, Sanjay Dutt filed the review petition, and hopes are flying high that he might get some relief. Tamil superstar, Rajnikanth, is said to be disturbed after the Supreme Court passed out its final verdict. But he is hopeful that the star might get some relief in the review petition.

He was quoted saying, “I was very disturbed when I heard my friend and a lovely person Sanjay Dutt`s verdict (by the Supreme Court). The current support and appeal for his pardon is giving me hope.” Mr. Rajnikanth and Sanjay Dutt met during the shooting of latter’s latest film, ‘Policegiri’ and hit it off instantly.

Hopes in the industry are flying, what with everyone coming forward to support him during these times. The Press Council of India Chairman, Justice Markandeya Katju has also come out in his support, and is said to be seeking pardon for him. He made his appeal in front of the Governor of Maharashtra K Sankarnarayanan to pardon the actor.

His friends and supporters took to twitter like a storm. Mahesh Bhatt tweeted, “Heart Broken: Just heard that Sanjay Dutt has to go to jail for 5 years. I expected mercy! Alas it did not happen (sic)”

Karan Johar tweeted, “I am truly shattered to hear of Sanju`s sentence...the nicest guy I have known just doesn’t deserve this...my heart goes out to him....(sic)”

Producer Pritish Nandy had some strong views about the same, “Sad for Sanjay Dutt. He is paying for what was an act of folly. He is no traitor. He made a mistake. He is paying for it. Hugely. The real conspirators of the Bombay blasts must be brought back to India and tried. Sanjay's trial is just part of collateral damage (sic).”

His co-star from Munnabhai, Arshad Warsi tweeted, “I am numb, I don't know what to say. Sanjay Dutt is not a criminal. This is too harsh a decision (sic)”

It is really commendable how his friends have come out in support of him.