I am not under paid, Boman

Boman Irani's sons feel that he is an underpaid actor but Boman does not agree with it. "No, I don’t think so, I think they say that for the sake of it. If you ask me, I think I'm lucky to have got more than I'd bargained for as an actor." said Boman Irani. Working with Shyam Benegal in Well Done Abba, he said, was a dream come true. Boman added philosophically "I get nervous about doing any role. You’ve to take your work seriously if you want to perform well."

Recently he said that Well Done Abba is for intellectuals. Boman justified: "What I meant was that the film is an intelligent comedy but it's not just for intellectuals, it's for everyone. It talks about the common man, to which anyone can relate. It's a wonderfully entertaining film, portrayed with hope, and hope is what keeps thing going."

As far as Boman is concern, he is very confident about the success of Well Done Abba, along with his other film, Hum Tum Aur Ghost, which is releasing on the same day. When asked to choose his favorite, he said, "Don't make me do that. It's like choosing between one's mom and dad, which is not possible." He said that it's tough to call any one characters he has played so far his "best role" as all are important to him. "Of course, I can't do that," said Boman.

Boman these days spend a lot of time on Twitter, help him to stay connected with his fans. "Why not? After all, there is no harm in it," said Boman.
A considerable amount of people in the industry feel that Boman is getting the kind of roles which were earlier offered to Anupam Kher. "There is nothing like that. I think there is time and place for everyone in the industry. Anupam is a talented actor and will get the roles that suit him the best. I’d say we should not get into comparisons here," added 52 year old actor, who is still fresh in Bollywood and there is a lot more for him to look forward to in the coming years.