I am not dating Prince, we are not in love: Nora Fatehi

‘Bigg Boss’ former contestant Nora Fatehi opens up about dating her model and ‘Bigg Boss 9’ winner Prince Narula.

Nora is bit upset over media for trying to establish her relationship with Prince: “I enjoyed being a part of Bigg Boss 9, my only issue was -- and still is -- the way the media talked about my friendship with Prince. He is a very well-mannered guy, who understands my moods and where I come from. He is my sounding board and a very good friend. Period,” she says.

In the past, Prince  expressed his feelings for Nora, he said, "I am with Nora. We are dating each other and trying to know each other more...She is similar to me and she came on the show at a time when I was feeling low. She boosted my confidence and supported me. In such a house, when someone is nice to you, it is easy to get attracted," Prince had told PTI after his win

However, when Nora was asked about Prince being vocal about their relationship, she replied, “Agreed that he went overboard by making announcements about his feelings, but you need to understand the situation. When you are locked in a house and somebody gives you attention, you tend to develop feelings and a sense of attachment. But that does not mean you are in a relationship.”

Nora adds, “I found our equation innocent and cute, but the media did not -- they wanted  to read more into it . And then, everything was blown out of proportion -- especially our ‘kiss’, which never happened. It put me in an awkward position and I was forced to clarify.  People need to understand that I also have to face my parents.”

Speaking about their current equation, Nora Fatehi said, “We are trying to understand each other and figure out our future. All I can say is, we are not dating, neither are we in love. Right now, we are focused on our respective  career”.