I am not a psycho, says Imam Siddique

Bigg Boss season 6 has been given the tagline-“Alag che”- and is clearly living up to its true sense. There are 7 contestants in the house with the finale just round the corner. The melodrama of the contestants is therefore very intense currently.

On the New Year Imam was kidnapped by the crew of “Bigg Boss” from the main house and put into secret chamber, where he stayed for 24 hours. He got to see the live footage of the happenings inside the house. On his arrival into the house he characteristically kept rambling against his housemates.

What makes this show even more different is that this time around reporters were allowed into the activity area of the house to ask questions directly to the contestants. ‘Press conference’ has been an original addition to the show that had previously never ever appeared to have happened on “Bigg Boss”. This was sure to have shaken the contestants as the questions they were asked shed some light on how they had been portrayed outside.

Imam Siddique had to face the brunt of his eccentric behavior inside the house. He was asked if he was a psycho which he answered saying, “I am honest and humble human being. I am not psycho... you can get my medical checkup done. Like everyone I also react spontaneously when I am angry...I lose temper".

Imam has been the most ill-tempered and noncompliant of all the contestants. He even triggered a war of words with the show’s host Salman Khan. When queried about that incident he said, "I did not have a tiff with him (Salman). I misbehaved with him. I have respect for Salman... I have known him for 25 years." He also added, "I don't think this is the right time to talk about that episode. I will talk about it when I will be out of the show."

Imam also made it evident that he was in the show to play a game, "I am here to play the game. If I win the show I will go to Haj... Then I will open a school in Rajasthan.”

It was not only Imam who was questioned but all the other contestants as well. Urvashi Dholakia was probed about the Bakhtiyar incident. Sana Khan and Rajeev Paul were also quizzed about their equation.

As the show is heading for its finale on the 12th of January, it is only getting more interesting.