OMG: Ranveer Singh always carries condom in his wallet

Ranveer Singh is all over the place for endorsing condom brand durex and actor has no inhibitions in endorsing the controversial product because he believes in safe sex. The ‘Ram-Leela’ actor stuns one and all by saying that he always carries one in his wallet.

In an interview to a leading daily, the 'Ram-Leel actor opened as why he is endorsing the condom brand and why he thinks it is important for celebrities to promote safe sex.

"With the kind of problems we face in our country - HIV and STDs and unwanted pregnancies, I strongly feel that if there is one product that needs to be endorsed, it is condoms," he said.

The actor quipped that since he is a youth, he connects well with the youths of the country and he could send across his message to them successfully and can spread awareness about safe sex.

When Ranveer Singh was asked whether he always carries a condom in his pocket, the Bollywood hunk without wasting a minute answered 'always'.

"Well, I always do. And if there are guys out there who don't, then they absolutely should," he said.

So, what drove the actor to endorse the brand? He said, “Well, I think you should ask Durex why they said yes to me! Because, as I mentioned, it was actually my idea! I have been a part of the Hindi film industry for the past three-and-a-half-years and several brands have approached me with very tempting, lucrative endorsement offers. But somehow I think I didn't believe in the brand or I maybe felt those products shouldn't be endorsed”.

“Something or the other was always amiss. So I am very glad that I have started out on the endorsement front on my own terms. While I am aware that it's an edgy choice, I have never really made any choices in life that took the middle road. With Durex, I get to use my celebrity status to positively spread awareness about sexual well-being- a topic that people seriously need to get educated about and start talking about more openly- and if my ad is a conversation starter which makes people do so – I think it's awesome”, he added.

Ranveer is quite comfortable in speaking about safe sex, he further said, “I am very comfortable with my sexuality and I am comfortable engaging in conversation and speaking about the subject of sex. I have no qualms and make no bones about it. In our country sex is still a taboo subject, which it really shouldn't be. Sexual well-being is a topic that calls for healthy discussion, education and awareness and should not be shunned”.