I actually feel like I am 25 or 26, Shahrukh

King Khan turns 44 today but the actor still feels that he is 25 or 26. Growing age has not weakened his will power and feels that he has miles to go. Speaking on his birthday, SRK said, "I accept the age that I am in, but I actually feel like I am 25 or 26, except for a few physical injuries that I have had."

Sharing the secret of his good looks, Shahrukh said, "The funny part is that when I look nice, people think that I must have done a plastic surgery, and when I look bad they say I am over and done with. The secret is that on days when I sleep well, I look good and the days when I don't, I look old."

Shahrukh was not really happy about the year passed by, he quips, "Fortunately or unfortunately, I count my years by the work that I do. Last year has been bad on the physical work front, I haven't done too much work either. Whatever little work that I have done has not done as well as I wanted it to be. Kolkata Knight Riders hasn't reached the heights that I had wished it would. The injury has put me down in terms of my advertising, endorsements, meetings etc. But on the other hand, what has been wonderful this year is that I have had time to introspect, I have become quieter. I have been able to spent a lot of time with my children. Somehow, all this has made me feel more energetic and happy."

But he is positive about the coming year and hopes to do double work to compensate the break and earn lots of happiness.