Hrtihik Roshan Trashed Alimony Rumors With Statement

Actor Hrithik Roshan was left in an awkward situation when rumors became rampant that his recently divorced wife Suzzane Khan has demanded a mind boggling Rs. 400 crore as alimony. While no one could actually point out the source of the news, it spread like wildfire, got featured in leading newspapers and was trending on social media. Facebook and Twitter was flooded with jokes. The rumors continued with news circulating that Hrithik has decided to pay Rs. 380 crore instead of 400 crore.

After sometime Hrithik clarified on Twitter that these are just rumors. He posted, "Fabricated news articles. Demeaning my loved ones. Testing my patience."  However the news remained one of the most discussed topics on media. Now an angry Hrithik Roshan has come out with a detailed statement rubbishing all news on the topic and slammed those who spread the news in the first place.

The statement read, “Disgusted with all this manipulated Alimony bullshit in an effort to tarnish reputation. When people separate, they DON'T STOP being FAMILY! When a man is too strong to be affected or attacked, they target his family instead. No one DARE attack my family like this. This is my sincere request to all that have intruded into my private life like vultures trying to use my separation to project their own frustrations. Please stop this unethical and immoral behavior. Suzzanne has not demanded a single penny so the question of 'Alimony' does not arise! She is an independent working girl and heads her own self built design company. Our relationship never was and never will be about money! How dare some people attack a person's identity and character and then turn it into a joke is unfathomable and downright disgusting! Stop trying to dig for dirt where there is only peace, love and harmony because that's the kind of people we were brought up to be by our loving parents. It is sad that I have to put out a statement like this but sometimes the truth needs to be louder to obliterate the lies. Shame on all of you who wrote about this and shame on all the people who had a good laugh about it.”

Suzzane Khan is an established designer herself and financially well off. Sources close to the couple has said that financial matters have not been discussed by the couple after their separation. Throughout this entire period Suzzane has maintained silence over the matter.