Hrithik Roshan is happy with the success of his films and life

Everything seems to be going great for this actor who is a perfectionist and extremely meticulous about all his characters. Hrithik Roshan’s personal life is extremely happy with the birth of his son this year and professionally too the actor couldn’t have asked for better roles and films. Both his films Krrish and Dhoom 2 have met with great success. Now the actor is gung ho about his next project, Jodha Akbar with Ashutosh Gowariker. There are also claims that Hrithik has been offered a lucrative deal with Adlab Films which makes him one of highest paid actors in the industry . But Hrithik takes it all in his stride and remains grounded even with all the success and the money.
Hrithik recently signed a lucrative Rs.30 crore deal with Adlab Films and he modestly says “It’s just another deal that I have been signed on for by Adlab Films. It’s a three film contract.” The films and their subjects still have to be decided. Hrithik Roshan was not present when Dhoom 2 released as he was busy shooting for his next film Jodha Akbar. However the actor has now decided to take a few days break from his shooting schedule and is finally getting to gauge the terrific response to Dhoom 2. Hrithik is very happy with the response to the film. This has been a great year for Hrithik as he has had two big hits, Krrish and Dhoom 2 and in both his films he has received an amazing response for his diverse roles. Nonetheless the actor remains grounded in reality and says “I don’t succumb to flattery, for me it’s not about competition or being number one in this industry. I feel that it’s about enjoying what you do and being thankful for what you have.”

Hrithik also credits his family and close friends for helping him to maintain a level head and says “I know for a fact that you are up one day and down the next.” Hrithik is thoroughly enjoying the experience of doing his first period film Jodha Akbar and is extremely impressed with how organised director Ashutosh is. Hrithik claims that he woks hard on all his characters and in his period film too the character is growing and developing everyday. Hrithik looks forward to doing roles that challenge and excite him in the future too. He is extremely proud of the success of his recent film Dhoom 2 and does not believe that any character in Dhoom 2 has been overshadowed by the other as each has their own space in the film.