Hrithik Roshan is going to be a father

Suzanne Khan Roshan and <a href='//' title='Hrithik Roshan' class='article_display_tag' data-id='hrithik-roshan' id='article_tag_data_hrithik-roshan' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Hrithik Roshan</strong></a>Five years after he got married, Hrithik Roshan is on the way to becoming a proud daddy — wife Susanne is expecting their first child in April 2006.
Confirms a beaming Rakesh Roshan from Singapore, where he is shooting for Krrish, “Yes, it is true. Hrithik is becoming a daddy. Pinky (Hrithik’s mom) and I are feeling great about the news and waiting for the day. I am becoming a grandfather for the second time — I have an eight-year-old granddaughter (daughter Sunaina’s child).”
When did they find out?

When did Roshan Sr. find out? “It was more than a couple of weeks ago when Pinky told me; I was in Mumbai then.”

Do they have any preferences, wanting a grandson or granddaughter? “No, we don’t have any expectations at all. Whatever we get will be most welcome.”

Nervous father-to-be

Hrithik, who has just landed in Singapore, is a tad cautious, “Life is an evolution and today I am on to the next stage — fatherhood. There is always a fear of the unknown. But that’s the fun of it all. I am looking forward to becoming a father — I was ecstatic when I heard !”

Courtesy: Mid-Day